Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ork Nob Numba Two!

Nob with Powa Klaw: "Ey, dem bloo folk is needin a good bashin"
Nob Numba Two: "WAAAGGH"

I didn't have time to do any modeling yesterday.......what did I do yesterday....Oh yeah! I hung out with my friends for 6ish hours =-D Thats why =-D

But tonight, after doing an outline for my final essay report for AP US History, I finished up Ork Nob #2!!!


iStupid. For some reason, I cut the back of his shoulder to position his arm yadda yadda....I don't know what I was thinking...So I had to Green Stuff that...

And I should sort out my "current projects" assembly line...


  1. Oh yeah, that Nob is looking good. I like the pose & you sure picked the right head for it.

  2. Live the weapon, really digging the model and conversion. the arm however looks a little too far back to feel natural. if you can i'd suggest trying it with the arm maybe 15 degree or so further forward?

    if you were feeling really brave and wanted the arm there, i'd suggest moving the gun arm and right leg to give the whole body that arched, leaping feel that is present in the arm.

    at the moment, for me, the dynamism and over-stretch on the arm dosent quite gel with the forward moving body.

    but then i have been called wierd before :)

  3. Hmm...but still, the pose does give it the all-important "argh me ork me smash" brutish feel of a Nob. It's rather neanderthal-ish, which for an ork, "It's a good thing".