Friday, June 19, 2009

Sad day...

Well gents..On Saturday morning, I'm off to my State Capitol for a week, to 'run' the state. (mock legislature). Then, I get to come home, do laundry for about 3 hours, then I'm off to more camping! =-D For a week. won't be seeing much of me for 2 weeks. But don't loose faith! I'll be writing some stories and seeing if I can doodle some stuff... I figure I'll be writing a whole lot of army lists while I'm up there, either that or texting and playing tons of iPod games. (Thank God for iTouch Apps)
That dreadnought that Ion Raptor made is finally on its way, and I haven't paid for the Terminators yet...I can't even remember who offered them to me!! ARRGGG!!! I might not be able to get the numbers I thought I was =*-( so sad..but hopefully...

The only thing I can show you..are the bases that I started for my terminators.
I tried to theme each set of 5. Working from the back, you have piping, bitz n' giggles, walling, and floor tiles. The "walling" theme isn't glued on yet, as I have to work them down, so they're not so high up. I just used my Leatherman to tear at the plastic, and I think the effect is awesome. Little scratch marks, and bent plastic.

I attached the Ork head to the arm for Belial, added a neck for it and stuff, but it isn't worthy of a picture yet. Not much to really say huh?

One of these days, I'll get something done. And you'll all say "wow, he got a lot done today" And I'll say "yeaaahhhhh" It'll be a gloriously awesome day.

Horatio: Thanks for believing in me X-D


  1. Duuuuude. You've already gotten a lotta things done. :D So it's already awesome. Urban bases look very good indeed. Have fun runnin' the state.

  2. Man...where do you get your motivational skills? Sheesh!