Monday, June 1, 2009

Squad Morale Restored

I pulled the last warrior out of the simple green last week. But I figured I wouldn't post that, as it wasn't too...important.

And the themed bases.

And I got an Assault on Black Reach Warboss today.

I used the snap fit to hold him together, I just pulled him off the sprue so I could check him out. I'm getting another one from Matt Bond (RedStarOne)soon. Once he finishes my Laiuss Horror (you don't get pictures yet (I don't have any)) I started the project, but I didn't feel like doing the tail, so he did it. He'll be sending me another AoBR boss! =-D Conversions Conversions!!!!

Chris: Yeah, he does look funky with only guns (especially since he has another one in his pack). But I cut up some chain saw weapons, and they just didn't fit too I'm just going to leave him as is. Think of it this way, what he can't shoot, he can bash over the head with his big gun =-D

Horatio: I attempted to add a bayonet chainsaw thing, it just didn't look right.. so I'm going to leave him as is.

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