Monday, July 27, 2009

Brood 1 Done


So I'm back a day early. When we got up to where we were hiking (Kings Canyon if you may know where that is (California)) and there was a huge fire 10 miles outside of the campsite where we were to be staying that night. So the adults talked with the Forest Rangers, and we ended up staying in a camp about 30 miles south. The next day, we contacted the Ranger Station, to find that the fire was only contained 20%, and that we wouldn't be able to hike the adults decided that we'd go somewhere else. So we packed our backpacks, and hiked some 30 mile lake loop. That was 5 days. Then we drove north to Yosemite, and hiked Half Dome, which was about 16 miles, so we almost made 50 on our trip, which isn't too bad.

I just finished the 5th of the brood. The brood leader.

He will be holding a head of a Catachan. =-D
Just the green stuffing left, and some Catachans.
And since I used the steroid arms, I had an extra arm for that other Nid! Huzzah!

Horatio: How big a brood? I figure. I have this 5 strong one, I can make another 5 strong, and a 3 strong that will be flying. And if I can sell them all, I should be able to make a pretty penny =-D

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