Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stuff Done.

I had to call my stuff done, but they're far from it. :ermm:

Oh well.

I've started on my next squad though, as I've been wanting to build something for a while. I'm going slow, so I can really add character to my models. I've started on the sergeant. I haven't chosen his arms, but I want him to have a power weapon.
As you can see...hes just a pile o bitz. :D

And since the squad will be focused around bolter weaponry, they will all have specially designed bolters. The one on the left needs some gap filling, and the one in the middle needs holes drilled into the barrel, but the one on the right is done.

And if it stops raining, I'll walk down to Hobby Town to get some plasticard rods for rivets on my Dreadnought. ;)

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