Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Stuff!

This past few days, from Thursday to Sunday, my school band went up to Seattle to compete against bands around the country. Our Choir program, jazz, and wind groups all together got 19 awards. We got 1 bronze, 1 silver, 6 golds, 2 personal best jazz solo awards (out of 4 given out to the whole competition), and 9 sweepstakes awards. Those are the highest awards there.
Enough of that, we swept the floor. =-D While there, I met the owner of Rogue-Market. Tesla, or Justin, and we completed a trade. We originally agreed to trade via mail, but decided that it would be easier to just meet and do it personally =-D So I got a Land Raider Redeemer and 5 ranged Terminators =-D

I now have enough pieces to 'finish' my LRE. Including replacing missing parts. =-D I've secured another trade with someone, so I can make my Redeemer into a Phobos. So I have 4 sets of TL lascannons coming to me soon =-D
Its been a long time since I've handled a normal sized Land Raider...and they seem EVEN smaller without weapons.
yes yes...we've seen SO many size comparison pictures...enough with it!

Sorry.. =-D

I'm just flabbergasted...

PS..I don't play Magic, I'm borrowing my friend's deck, because I'm making an Asian Themed deck. I'll eventually post up the finished works =-D

Now I have 3 sets of detail sprues from the Land Raiders.

I assembled that Land Raider in about a half hour. =-D I was meaning to do a tutorial on it..but I forgot. =-D

I have the bitz for terminators too, like I said. But Tesla didn't give me any of the cool, extra bitz, but thats alright. I want to see how long I can go before I assemble these...its a mental thing.

I also won a bid on eBay for a Emperor Class Battleship. I will be looking for 1 more, and at least 4 cruisers. =-D SUPERSHIP is on its way!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Carnifex Head

Ever since I got that 100 grams of Greenstuff...last monthish...I've wanted to do some greenstuffing...
So last night...I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to do some =-D I decided that I wanted to see if I could get all of the head choices onto right now, I have Regenerate and Implant Attack, I started the Toxin Sacs while I was at it.

I'm also getting commissioned by Dirty Water Painting to assemble 3 Leman Russ', 2 Chimeras, 2 Rhinos, 28 Space Marines, and a Forgeworld Dreadnought =-D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Land Raider Exterminus

So I figured that before I let another blog go to the bottom of the ocean...I would do a little work on the LRE.

I glued the real Land Raider armor plates on...and the Frag Launcher...I can't find the other one in the box that holds all the pieces...too bad I stepped on it once, and spread all the pieces on the floor.

I've started redoing the top plate, because it was too small, and not straight.

I've started slightly larger so that when I cut it down it won't have gaps.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Barreled Lascannons

For the Land Raider Exterminus, I'm making a set of long barreled Lascannons. =-D Kind of like the Long Barreled Railguns for the Tau Tigershark AX-01. They get longer I figured that I could do the same here =-D
I need to add something to the main body of the gun, so its not awkwardly small.


What do you think? I didn't buy a set of tubing that had a wider diameter than the original I had to use thin plasticard to wrap around the tubing to make a nozzle. Thats a problem...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Battlefleet Gothic and Council

So I've always wanted to make a HUGE Imperial Battlefleet Gothic..fleet.

This here
Be a couple of Eldar ships, painted up (WIP of course) by DirtyWaterPainting. With a scale shot of a 40k Space Marine.

Judging by the size of the comparison, I'd say that the ship on the right, would be about 5 or 6 inches long. PERFECT size for conversions =-D
I'm going for some Imperial Ships, to make a LARGE (maybe 10 inches or so..) SuperShip. =-D I don't exactly know what I'll be doing off the top of my head..but I have a pretty good idea.
Another one of my ideas that I recently cooked up..was a council of builders. Tau, Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Orks, Eldar, Necron, Tyranid.
In this crappy picture I just drew, its hard to see (with or without blogger's small pictures) I posted it slightly larger so you can click on it to see better.

It has, from bottom right to around the table...
Necron Scarab (I meant Tomb Spyder) with Nano Scarabs. Techmarine with servitors. Techpriest Engineseer with...brainstorming (I don't know who follow them around). A Big Mek with Grots. A Tyranid Digestion Pool with a Tendril going to the sky, with Genestealer Infestation thingies. A Fio'El with some Drones. And a Bonesinger with...brainstorming (I don't know who follow them around either). On the table, are various drinks of the various races.

I'm thinking of doing a full table, and make it sort of like the Council on the Death in this scene Image. At the head of the council, I'll find some Asian Authority-like model, to represent me =-D Since this IS Shortsonfire79's Modeling Council.

Big Mek- "Me dinks we need more Orky kunversions"
(Precursor to whats next >=-D )


Here are all my Video tutorials that I've made. They're quite loud, so watch yourself...

Magnetization Video 1

Magnetization Video 2

Magnetizing a Stormlord Superheavy Tank

Magnetizing a Dreadnought

Sculpting Greenstuff Iron Snakes Shoulderpad

Basing Part 1

Basing Part 2

Greenstuff Molds Part 1

Greenstuff Molds Part 2

Taking Pictures

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tau Sniper Drone Tutorial

This is the first non-video tutorial I've done in a long time...check these out though =-D

Sorry for the mondo pictures. They're screwed up because of the forums. Click on the pictures to get full views.

I apologize in advance for the huge pictures, but I accidentally did 17" at photobucket..and it takes forever to upload 20 pictures...I don't want to do it again...

This is what we're striving for.
This is what we're making. Pretty close huh?
These are the things you need. 1 drone body, 2 Crisis Flamers, Arms, and targeter, 2 rifles (its been a while since I've done Tau), and 1 array thing for a Tau Tank.

Step 1
Take the array thing, and cut off the pointy part, and remove flash. Remove the front lense on the underside of the drone body. (or any, its just personal preference, you will want to have the holes facing forward, or you can fill them (this was originally supposed to be a shield drone, but I didn't have an extra shield, so it became a spare))

Step 2
Take the 2 Crisis Arms, and cut off the shoulder piece. Hold both while you do it, or they'll shoot across the room, which happened to the black one. =-P

Step 3
Take the 2 Crisis Flamers, and cut off the pack-thing, and the barrel. I left the barrel on the left one so you can see where to cut (just incase you need it.)

Step 4
Take your 2 rifles (pulse rifles?), and cut off the barrels. For ONE of the flamers, cut off the back part. The top one shown is to show what it was before, the bottom one is what you want it to look like.

Step ish.
These are all the pieces you want to keep. Everything else can go into the bitz box. YOU MUST HAVE A BITZ BOX!!! =-D just kidding..but you really should..

Step 5
Glue the Array thing in the drone body, where you cut off the lens. Cut the flamer (that you kept) to look like the bottom one.

Step 6
Glue the flamer on like so.

Step 7
Glue the flamer pack-thingies on like so.

Step 8
Glue the flamer barrels on like this. The area where you cut them off the original will line up perfectly.

Step 9
Glue the Crisis shoulders on like so. You'll have to move them around until you think they look good.

Step 10
Cut the Targeter to look something like the one on the left (the one on the right is an example) Cut it to fit on the front of the drone shell. (they're painted, because the original got messed up =-( )

Step 11
Glue the targeter on like so.

Step 12
Remember those 2 pulse rifle barrels? Glue them on like this.

Step 13.
Glue on a antenna..I don't have any spares (for some reason... =-/ )

Zangs a damn!

The targeter man will come along shortly..I haven't thought about him yet, as its been almost a year since I've made one of these. =-P



End time?

About 55 minutes for 16 things...not bad.

Also, I'm making a Volcano Cannon for someone.

One of these

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey all.

I'd like to thank Ron, from From the Warp blog! He posted up all of my tutorial videos on the masterblog! And got me two followers =-D

I've been commissioned to assemble 20 Lizardmen Tribe Funkers..or something (Temple Guard) for DirtyWaterPainting. I'll hopefully be doing more commissions for 2 more Stormlords, and 10 Leman Russ' >=-D If he likes these Lizards.

Heres my Land Raider Exterminus.

The weapons are highly interchangeable. I will be making an Assault Cannon sponson, with 4 assault cannons PER sponson. =-D I'm going to be using the Flamestorm Cannons for the frontal guns (like where the Heavy Bolters/TL Assault Cannons go). The Whirlwind Battery will be on the back somewhere..

Some pintle people. The guy on the left is going to be the multi-melta gunner, the middle is...a random guy..and the right is the command module.

Heres my Sergeant Chronus. In AND out of the tank. He gets a powerfist, because (we at Rogue-Market decided..) he is a Dark Angel, and hes bad ass =-D He doesn't have shoulder pads, or a head, because I shipped all my DA bits to someone in Canada, so I need another box. =-/