Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Stuff!

This past few days, from Thursday to Sunday, my school band went up to Seattle to compete against bands around the country. Our Choir program, jazz, and wind groups all together got 19 awards. We got 1 bronze, 1 silver, 6 golds, 2 personal best jazz solo awards (out of 4 given out to the whole competition), and 9 sweepstakes awards. Those are the highest awards there.
Enough of that, we swept the floor. =-D While there, I met the owner of Rogue-Market. Tesla, or Justin, and we completed a trade. We originally agreed to trade via mail, but decided that it would be easier to just meet and do it personally =-D So I got a Land Raider Redeemer and 5 ranged Terminators =-D

I now have enough pieces to 'finish' my LRE. Including replacing missing parts. =-D I've secured another trade with someone, so I can make my Redeemer into a Phobos. So I have 4 sets of TL lascannons coming to me soon =-D
Its been a long time since I've handled a normal sized Land Raider...and they seem EVEN smaller without weapons.
yes yes...we've seen SO many size comparison pictures...enough with it!

Sorry.. =-D

I'm just flabbergasted...

PS..I don't play Magic, I'm borrowing my friend's deck, because I'm making an Asian Themed deck. I'll eventually post up the finished works =-D

Now I have 3 sets of detail sprues from the Land Raiders.

I assembled that Land Raider in about a half hour. =-D I was meaning to do a tutorial on it..but I forgot. =-D

I have the bitz for terminators too, like I said. But Tesla didn't give me any of the cool, extra bitz, but thats alright. I want to see how long I can go before I assemble these...its a mental thing.

I also won a bid on eBay for a Emperor Class Battleship. I will be looking for 1 more, and at least 4 cruisers. =-D SUPERSHIP is on its way!

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