Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Barreled Lascannons

For the Land Raider Exterminus, I'm making a set of long barreled Lascannons. =-D Kind of like the Long Barreled Railguns for the Tau Tigershark AX-01. They get longer I figured that I could do the same here =-D
I need to add something to the main body of the gun, so its not awkwardly small.


What do you think? I didn't buy a set of tubing that had a wider diameter than the original I had to use thin plasticard to wrap around the tubing to make a nozzle. Thats a problem...


  1. Looks good, mate.

    Maybe something (wire, sor example) going the length of the extended barrel would break it up a bit (Like the old forgeworld baneblade lascannon).

    For reference, in the old Vehicle Design Rules, it cost +50% points to make a weapon long-barrelled.

    - Drax.

  2. You might also consider giving them something like the lance rule instead of the longer range. Make it all a little more interesting.