Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wordy Words

Schnitzel: I wish I could do something like that...but being 17...Marines quite aren't in the picture yet.

Look what I found hiding behind the Exterminus!
It had a few Dark Angel icons on it, but I scraped those off, and did the best I could to smooth off the sections..I might end up having to do some sort of weathering or something. <<< I need to buy/skim through at the store the How to Paint Tanks book. I saw something on how to do bullet holes and melta damage and stuff which I want to try on this tank =-D

And I'm also trying to put some different shades in my Rasta's hair and skin tones.

Star Wars was my first love (After Thomas the Tank Engine and LEGO (But LEGO are still ranked #1)) and I doodled this up..not too great, but hey...thats why I paint =-D

And I stole my sister's computer back, some Dell creation..a couple years I plan on taking out the 'obsolete' parts, and replacing them. Starting with the HD..because last time I had it in my room...I loaded countless amounts of virusi in it... =-D

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So tonight, I went out to play Commando with my friends. Commando, if you don't know, is a huge game of tag. You get from landmark A, a school, to landmark B, another school, about 2 miles away. At night. And you're running from people on cars, and they chase you down, and drag you into their car. Its dangerous, and fun as hell.
I almost made it to the end, but I was about 30 feet away, and I tripped on a stump B) (it was pitch black, and i was running hella fast from a truck) and ate $#!T, and I wasn't wearing a shirt.....and it kinda hurts bad... Screwed up my knee hella bad too. =-P Hella fun. BUT I made it!! :D

I think..I think (Unless you guys think they could use more work) I finished the tabbards on my guys. I'm not super pleased, but I hate tabbards, and I don't want to mess with them any more! :o

And while I was at it, I went and painted the head on dreadlock guy, since once I highlight the blue, it'll be a pain in the arse to get to....and now you know hes actually black, and not a Space Wolf.

What do you think? I might end up updating tonight again, if I make enough progress! Which would be rad. <<< Californian, I can say that :D

Friday, August 28, 2009

This One Time...At Band Camp

I love band camp ;-D We had hella fun..and being a Senior just made it so much MORE fun! Screwing with Freshman...haha. Hella fun.

I managed to put base coats on my Sternguard.
I'm starting to get really excited about these Multi-Melta marines...I think they look good.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Squirrel_Fish is Back?!

Hey Squirrel_Fish!!! Welcome back! I'm glad you actually came back =-P I would have used a jewellers saw, but the gaps between the shoulderpad and the heads was just too small.

Casted products aren't illegal until I sell them ;-D

And I can now start painting the Sternguard squad, once I spray them. I'll just have a couple of gaps to fill once I glue on the Multimeltas.
The next squad will all have storm bolters (I hope) and will have 2 heavy bolters in it. =-D

Friday, August 21, 2009


Have I ever told you how much I hate metal minis? I converted the MKII Veterans to be part of my Sternguard Squad....that took forfrickenever. I spent at least an hour and a half cutting off the first guy's left arm. The second one was done within minutes, and the third, I used a drill on, and moved much quicker!
Its times like this where I wish I could borrow someone's Dremel... =-(
I tried to keep the cut clean, but I just got fed up with my xacto, and started using my Leatherman and clippers...what a pain!

I finally found use for those Devastators I bought a while back as well!
Photobucket to view full image

I'm finally happy I'm done with

And heres the intro video I just made for Plastic Shavings.

Thanks Ben: I too like the casings =-D I have had TONS of luck and perfect casts.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Done De De Dum Dum

I'm just about done with my squad now! I just need to do the Crux Terminatus, which I'm waiting to find a good tutorial on them first, and maybe some weathering. And a whole lot of small details, like the sergeant's eye, leaves around the chest piece, and text on the armor and purity seals. And paint the rim of the bases.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've done some more on the next 5 Terminators. I'm using Novogord from Ammobunker's technique/idea of painting a couple marines at a time, and I indeed do get better results, faster =-D I started with the two from the right, and I'm slowly moving left, still semi-assembly line. Things like eyes and bone-colored parts I did as one, as I had excess paint, and I wanted them uniform. But the extreme highlights and leg-piston-things I did individually.
The two on the right are almost done. Just need metallics, purity seal-reds and scrollwork, stone parts, lights and pretty-ifying bases!
I've been working on the standard, and I've put maybe 8 coats of bone on it, and its still not a solid color...this is a pain =-P
I'm molding some of the more 'hard to get' pieces from the Devastator sprues, which I still haven't clipped yet.
And I'm still highly distressed with the size of this true scaling...

My normal commenters:Squirrel_Fish and Horatio are ...gone.. =-( Party foul

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Black Fists

So with my first chapter, The Royal Redeemers, and the most recent, The Sapphire Saints, both have almost failed miserably. In fact, the Sapphire Saints didn't really fail...yet, but I was having a very hard time coming up with a chapter icon. I was surfing the B&C boards, and saw several AMAZING Imperial Fists armies, like Shaw3029 and Inquisitor Engel's. I decided to make my new chapter, the Black Fists, be a successor of them. Obviously by the name, they're a mix between the Black Templars and the Crimson Fists.

So far, I have about 35 models, plus or minus some of the weird characters I've made. I'll be doing some lame-basing, because I tried adding some Tyranids, but that didn't work, so I pulled them off. I added some 'shells' on the ground, and from about a food away, they look pretty good. Idea contributed by T.J. Gunnel!!
My command squad is comprised of the Chapter Masters that came out in Apocalypse. I had two boxes, so I had to split one up =-( But I think I can use the characters later on. I hope to maybe get all of the Space marine characters in my company one day, like Inquisitor Engel.
I have only finished half a Terminator squad and a Chaplain, but that was with the RR.
I'm still working on the iconography a bit, but I just pulled up Lexicanum, and use some tracing paper and did a bit of brainstorming. My company standard bearer holds a standard of 3ish inches...which means more space for me to pretty up...if I can =-P I used Microsoft Word to find some nice fonts for my chapter title, and added them to my tracing paper. The picture provided, I traced in pencil, then went over with Rapidograph pens. Unfortunately, most of the pens are clogged, so I had to use fatty ones =-( I need to get those fixed.
I have 5 of the Vanguard Veterans, and I have some MkIIs, and I hope to get 5 extras of the nice jump packs for the MkIIs, so they'll fit in with the squad. I also have 5 of the Sternguard Veterans, and I have a squad of Devastators still sitting on my desk from last week (I'm surprised I haven't started working on them yet.)
For my Company Captain, I want to use Commander Cullin from the Red Scorpions.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Bit of Something Done

So I did a tad of work on the LRE the other day, and its not that great, but it is a start on the top detail.
I took the normal LR piece that I was able to save, and I added an extension so it went all the way across the top-er part.
I also think I finished the border part, I'm not sure if I missed any parts yet.
And I did both of the track guard-details.

Any thoughts on the top detail part?
I think I've finished the command squad, now I just need a Captain, and some 40mm bases.
I'm thinking something forgeworld for the captain. I hope.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Standard Bearer

I'm starting another True Scaling...for that tutorial I promised you all...but this one is freakishly too big..I'll make him a Terminator then =-P

And look! Following my vision, I opened my other box of Chapter Masters =-( So sad...but thats okay I guess, and I threw the painted 4 into the simple green so I can paint them all at once!
Look! A guy with a stick!
I burnt his Standard (not on purpose) but at least now it folds in the right direction with his cloak. Which makes me feel good that I noticed that =-D
He'll have a plasma pistol in his other arm, which is already ready, and his a head...

Raptor1313: Thanks for stopping by. I'm not big on shaved heads either, but I too see the practicality, I guess thats why buzz cuts are also seen quite often in Space Marines...and Mohawks (Lysander) ....just think about the Space Wolves! They have head hair AND facial hair!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I just finished one with dreads...
They're not too Space Wolfy, and when I paint him, he won't look like a Space Wolf at all. When the Green Stuff dries, I'll sand it a bit, so its not smooth. Each hair thing is an individual strand...I probably wont' do this ever again. =-P

Wonderful Moment of Brainy Ness!

So I think I just boosted my army numbers from 35ish to 55ish!!!! YESSSSSS I found 21 crappy/stripped Dark Angels bodies in my bitz box just now!! I just need to secure around 21 heads, backpacks, and shoulder pads with arms X*-( I was planning on ordering a couple of Tactical Squads to veteranify in a few days anyways, but if I do so, then I'll be left with 20 torsos and legs...not that I'm complaining, but, I don't have many arms for them =-( Hmm..sticky situation ;-D
I was only able to paint the leg armor things on only 2 Terminators, but I did drill out all the barrels for my entire army =-D
I removed all the yellow from the Terminators, and now they fit right in with the rest of the crowd =-D
I also called Games Workshop today, and I'm getting my Power Sword toting Veteran sometime next week =-P I'm still working on bolstering my forces still.
I've been looking at the Games Workshop website to see what bitz I want to order from my store, because I'm in need of 40mm bases, and since my LGS does bitz orders now, and I just got $500 from my parents on my new debit card, I thought I'd splurge a little bit =-D Victory is mine! I REALLY want some of those Thunderhammers, but my theme is still ranged...I'm so unable to make my choices. I basecoated one of the jump packing Vanguard, and I really like the blue, but as it seems now, I'll have to buy another set of them, and then Veterans Mk1...which is going to be a lot of money.... damn!
These are the Terminator shoulder pads I cast for the Royal Redeemers, bearing the chapter symbol. Its not exciting, but its the only thing I have right now. I don't have a drawing of one anymore neither. I used one of said cast shoulder pads on Tanky the Terminator =-D
I'm having a super brain thing right now. I'm in such a 40k mood, that words cannot describe this...ness. I solved the SM Captains issue!! I will field them as a command squad! If only they came in a set of 5...but thats okay, I have an extra box of them!
I plan getting two of the power fist guys. One will be as is, and the other I plan on taking the power fist guy, cutting off the sword, and putting in a standard, and his other arm will be a plasma pistol. The guy with the Thunder Hammer will have a Narthecium attached to his cape-holding arm. And the guy with the shield will be my company champion! Pure can of win!

I'll be meticulously combing through my bitz box in a few minutes trying to find all the necessary pieces for those veteran bodies I found =-/

Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Hour of Victory

I finished highlighting the Termies today. Woke up at 11, and was able to finish them all before lunch =-D
Sad thing is, I realize that the AoBR Termie Sergeant is the most decorated Sergeant I have.. =-( And I had to shuffle one of the Sergeants into the 5 man squad, because I can't have two power swords in one squad!
I also pulled the Sternguard out of the Simple Green just now, and they look great! =-D
I also realized, that the 5 veterans I bought (4) aren't Sternguard material!!! Only one of them has a bolter, and the others are more like Vanguard! Ayeee!!! Looking at the Apocalypse Reloaded, I can just get the other Mk I vets, and make them a standard Veteran Squad, phew.
Army picture, not so much black now...but now theres double the amount of silver =-(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Little Less Failuristic

I finally finished the Necron Abyss. I started to highlight them..and got really lazy. So I only did one.


The official plan of the day. Paint 5 captains.
The official what actually happened of the day. Basecoat the capes on the 5 captains. Realize I suck at painting capes, put them back in the pile, and grab my half-finished Sternguard. I tried painting the white on the helmets...but it was much too not-smooth. So I then had to scrub the Nids in the Simple Green so I could put these guys in. So the plan for tomorrow, after driving to San Francisco (hourish both ways) I'll be working on the SIMPLE, ten man Terminator Squad. =-D
And tomorrows Terminators.