Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Hour of Victory

I finished highlighting the Termies today. Woke up at 11, and was able to finish them all before lunch =-D
Sad thing is, I realize that the AoBR Termie Sergeant is the most decorated Sergeant I have.. =-( And I had to shuffle one of the Sergeants into the 5 man squad, because I can't have two power swords in one squad!
I also pulled the Sternguard out of the Simple Green just now, and they look great! =-D
I also realized, that the 5 veterans I bought (4) aren't Sternguard material!!! Only one of them has a bolter, and the others are more like Vanguard! Ayeee!!! Looking at the Apocalypse Reloaded, I can just get the other Mk I vets, and make them a standard Veteran Squad, phew.
Army picture, not so much black now...but now theres double the amount of silver =-(

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