Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Black Fists

So with my first chapter, The Royal Redeemers, and the most recent, The Sapphire Saints, both have almost failed miserably. In fact, the Sapphire Saints didn't really fail...yet, but I was having a very hard time coming up with a chapter icon. I was surfing the B&C boards, and saw several AMAZING Imperial Fists armies, like Shaw3029 and Inquisitor Engel's. I decided to make my new chapter, the Black Fists, be a successor of them. Obviously by the name, they're a mix between the Black Templars and the Crimson Fists.

So far, I have about 35 models, plus or minus some of the weird characters I've made. I'll be doing some lame-basing, because I tried adding some Tyranids, but that didn't work, so I pulled them off. I added some 'shells' on the ground, and from about a food away, they look pretty good. Idea contributed by T.J. Gunnel!!
My command squad is comprised of the Chapter Masters that came out in Apocalypse. I had two boxes, so I had to split one up =-( But I think I can use the characters later on. I hope to maybe get all of the Space marine characters in my company one day, like Inquisitor Engel.
I have only finished half a Terminator squad and a Chaplain, but that was with the RR.
I'm still working on the iconography a bit, but I just pulled up Lexicanum, and use some tracing paper and did a bit of brainstorming. My company standard bearer holds a standard of 3ish inches...which means more space for me to pretty up...if I can =-P I used Microsoft Word to find some nice fonts for my chapter title, and added them to my tracing paper. The picture provided, I traced in pencil, then went over with Rapidograph pens. Unfortunately, most of the pens are clogged, so I had to use fatty ones =-( I need to get those fixed.
I have 5 of the Vanguard Veterans, and I have some MkIIs, and I hope to get 5 extras of the nice jump packs for the MkIIs, so they'll fit in with the squad. I also have 5 of the Sternguard Veterans, and I have a squad of Devastators still sitting on my desk from last week (I'm surprised I haven't started working on them yet.)
For my Company Captain, I want to use Commander Cullin from the Red Scorpions.

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