Friday, August 21, 2009


Have I ever told you how much I hate metal minis? I converted the MKII Veterans to be part of my Sternguard Squad....that took forfrickenever. I spent at least an hour and a half cutting off the first guy's left arm. The second one was done within minutes, and the third, I used a drill on, and moved much quicker!
Its times like this where I wish I could borrow someone's Dremel... =-(
I tried to keep the cut clean, but I just got fed up with my xacto, and started using my Leatherman and clippers...what a pain!

I finally found use for those Devastators I bought a while back as well!
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I'm finally happy I'm done with

And heres the intro video I just made for Plastic Shavings.

Thanks Ben: I too like the casings =-D I have had TONS of luck and perfect casts.

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  1. I...LIVE! Sorry about not being able to keep up, moving back to college on Saturday and I've been busy packing.

    On the topic of metal mini's - everyone and their mother hates them. I happen to use a jeweler's saw to get through them.

    Those castings look fantastic (albeit, probably illegal)! Would you mind sharing your technique?