Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've done some more on the next 5 Terminators. I'm using Novogord from Ammobunker's technique/idea of painting a couple marines at a time, and I indeed do get better results, faster =-D I started with the two from the right, and I'm slowly moving left, still semi-assembly line. Things like eyes and bone-colored parts I did as one, as I had excess paint, and I wanted them uniform. But the extreme highlights and leg-piston-things I did individually.
The two on the right are almost done. Just need metallics, purity seal-reds and scrollwork, stone parts, lights and pretty-ifying bases!
I've been working on the standard, and I've put maybe 8 coats of bone on it, and its still not a solid color...this is a pain =-P
I'm molding some of the more 'hard to get' pieces from the Devastator sprues, which I still haven't clipped yet.
And I'm still highly distressed with the size of this true scaling...

My normal commenters:Squirrel_Fish and Horatio are ...gone.. =-( Party foul

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  1. I have thought about trying molding. Have you had much luck with it at all?