Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wordy Words

Schnitzel: I wish I could do something like that...but being 17...Marines quite aren't in the picture yet.

Look what I found hiding behind the Exterminus!
It had a few Dark Angel icons on it, but I scraped those off, and did the best I could to smooth off the sections..I might end up having to do some sort of weathering or something. <<< I need to buy/skim through at the store the How to Paint Tanks book. I saw something on how to do bullet holes and melta damage and stuff which I want to try on this tank =-D

And I'm also trying to put some different shades in my Rasta's hair and skin tones.

Star Wars was my first love (After Thomas the Tank Engine and LEGO (But LEGO are still ranked #1)) and I doodled this up..not too great, but hey...thats why I paint =-D

And I stole my sister's computer back, some Dell creation..a couple years I plan on taking out the 'obsolete' parts, and replacing them. Starting with the HD..because last time I had it in my room...I loaded countless amounts of virusi in it... =-D

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