Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Standard Bearer

I'm starting another True Scaling...for that tutorial I promised you all...but this one is freakishly too big..I'll make him a Terminator then =-P

And look! Following my vision, I opened my other box of Chapter Masters =-( So sad...but thats okay I guess, and I threw the painted 4 into the simple green so I can paint them all at once!
Look! A guy with a stick!
I burnt his Standard (not on purpose) but at least now it folds in the right direction with his cloak. Which makes me feel good that I noticed that =-D
He'll have a plasma pistol in his other arm, which is already ready, and his head...will...be a head...

Raptor1313: Thanks for stopping by. I'm not big on shaved heads either, but I too see the practicality, I guess thats why buzz cuts are also seen quite often in Space Marines...and Mohawks (Lysander) ....just think about the Space Wolves! They have head hair AND facial hair!

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