Saturday, August 29, 2009


So tonight, I went out to play Commando with my friends. Commando, if you don't know, is a huge game of tag. You get from landmark A, a school, to landmark B, another school, about 2 miles away. At night. And you're running from people on cars, and they chase you down, and drag you into their car. Its dangerous, and fun as hell.
I almost made it to the end, but I was about 30 feet away, and I tripped on a stump B) (it was pitch black, and i was running hella fast from a truck) and ate $#!T, and I wasn't wearing a shirt.....and it kinda hurts bad... Screwed up my knee hella bad too. =-P Hella fun. BUT I made it!! :D

I think..I think (Unless you guys think they could use more work) I finished the tabbards on my guys. I'm not super pleased, but I hate tabbards, and I don't want to mess with them any more! :o

And while I was at it, I went and painted the head on dreadlock guy, since once I highlight the blue, it'll be a pain in the arse to get to....and now you know hes actually black, and not a Space Wolf.

What do you think? I might end up updating tonight again, if I make enough progress! Which would be rad. <<< Californian, I can say that :D

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  1. Played something like Commando once... Twas a bit more exciting, no offense. Marine training exercise a year and some months back... Was a 'role player' on the night shift harrasing a bunch of grunts. Calling 'em POGs (persons other than grunts) and some real offensive stuff. Throwing rocks at 'em. All kinds of stuff we weren't supposed to do... Even borrowed the base duty drive to drive us around and scream at the grunts with a megaphone we borrowed from the MPs. Well, the grunts open the gates of their mini 'compound' and chase after us in full battle gear. We're talking flaks withe sappi plates, M4's, the whole nine yards. A few of 'em ambushed the vehicle as we rounded a corner and stopped it, duty driver freaked and just sat there. One of my fellow marines popped the door and rolled out while we were still driving and took off. I lock the doors and scream at the driver to keep going. Didn't listen, they grunts surround the vehicle. I pop the door, dive between two of 'em and take of sprinting with them in heated pursuit. Another two grunts spot me and give chase as well.
    Now they don't have ammo or anything so there's no worries right? Wrong. They're gonna tackle me if they catch me! That's gonna hurt! lol. Fortunately all their gear weighed 'em down and I was never caught.

    My story aside... Awesome hair. I love the dreads.