Monday, September 7, 2009

Black Fist

I finished highlighting the blue on my Sternguard today. biggrin.gif And I started on the metals. I officially believe, that I am stupid. I haven't touched up the black yet, but I used my last pot of chaos black to make a darker metal can't touch up the black until I get another pot...dammit. ermm.gif

And I just want to show my tank again cool.gif I drybrushed some metal color on the treads...but thats about it. The Hephaestus.
And I've started making the plastic components for the rest of my 50 Sternguard.
And I finished my 'governor'...the Terminator. (Yeah, I'm from California =-D )
I almost decided to make my 'Belial' model (which is just a small pile of bitz) into my 1st Company Captain....but...I opted not to :P Maybe Commander Culln from Forgeworld...hes ONLY £11.75.... for one model... ^o) But I was hoping to get the Red Scorption Veteran pack and Vangauard pack as that ups the shopping cart.... ;) I need a job...and to finally pay off my sister...AUGGG

Squirrel_Fish (and others): I guess that the organization chart needs a bit of esplanin to do.
There are 10 squads (1st company). The Sternguard squads will be mounted in Land Raiders. The Terminators and Vanguard will not.
So looking at
Squad Gaia, with the Missile Launcher heavy weapons, will be attached to Land Raider Poseidon (which is why it says Missile Launcher next to it)
Squad Prometheus, with the Multi Meltas, will be attached to Land Raider Hephaestus.
Squad Tartarus, with the Lascannons, will be attached to Land Raider Hades.
Squad Enyo, with the Heavy Bolters, will be attached to Land Raider Ares.
Squad Hemera, with the Plasma Cannons, will be attached to Land Raider Artemis.

Make sense? =-D The chart is funky...but it is 'orderly'

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