Wednesday, September 2, 2009

By the Gods

Ugghh. I have to stop being so distracted! I need to finish that Sternguard squad!
I inked the black parts of the Land Raider, I wasn't too pleased with the drybrushing I did.
Its only a subtle change, but it still looks a lot better. Wouldn't you say so too?

Attached to Sternguard squad Prometheus, The Hephaestus provides long range fire support.Photobucket

I just got through reading Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder and Mythology by Edith Hamilton for my English class. I quite like the Greek Mythology that we'll be covering for the semester, and I think I'm going to label all of my stuff after Gods and Titans. ;-D Logically of course.
For starters, Prometheus is a Titan related to fire (Multi Meltas), while Hephaestus is the god of Fire and the Forge (attached to squad with Multi Meltas). Land Raiders will be titled after Olympian Dieties (Main gods), and squads will be titled after Primordial Dieties ( "secondary" gods).
My two Vanguard squads will be named Ouranos (Primordial), who was the god of the heavens, and Aether (Primordial) who was the god of upper air.
Quite confusing I know, but I think if I really put a bit of thought to it, it could actually work. =-D

Edit: Add

Add list:Heres how it goes. Sternguard are all in Land Raiders. On the right, it shows what kind of 2 heavy weapons each squad will have, which corresponds with the Land Raider names.

A quick draft, but I think I really like it. I can add to it when I get other tanks and scouts and other goodies ;)

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  1. Sophie's World is a fantastic book - a good introductory primer to the philosophical modes of thinking and the history behind them.

    I'm not sure what your table is trying to tell us, though...Is it trying to tell us what squad is what or what land raider is what? If that's the case, man, that's a lot of squads...