Monday, September 14, 2009

Video Scavenger Hunt! And Knives another wasted weekend.
Saturday I spent the morning (6 AM-12 noon) taking my ACT, which is another standardized test for us Californians to take so we can get into college... Then I went to my school to help my friend with his Eagle Project (Yep, I'm a Boy Scout). Then after that, my friends and I did a video-picture scavenger hunt...which was a humongous load of fun. One of the things we had to do was to serenade to we serenaded to a car next to us. :D (I'm riding shotgun)

Then today I went to San Francisco to have lunch with my extended family...and came home and did some homework and virtually nothing else... BUT! I did get a gift from my uncle...who works for the newspaper, and...back in the day, before computer editing, they used knives to place the articles...and now he doesn't need them so...
I think I'm set :D :D :D
And I decided that I've been wanting to paint a Dreadnought for so long, I started pulling apart my first one...that I didn't assemble..and I found that the person who did (My friend who no longer paints) did so...crappily, and I was able to pick at it with index finger..and it all popped off...
And my sister had painted three models a while back, so I told her I was going to use them in my army, and I needed her to paint me 7 she gets to spend some time with me painting :P
Those are two Crimson Fists, and I Angel? Heh..I dunno :D

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  1. Oddly enough, that box full of sharp objects screams "The Used" at me.
    I need to find myself some new music to listen to.