Friday, June 12, 2009

A Great Day

So 2 days after schools gotten out. I've gone hiking twice =-D I love hiking, and do it all the time with Boy Scouts, but this is with a few friends, and we just wander =-D Yesterday, we went to a place called Rock City, and jumped around in Wind Caves and stuff. Today, we went Geo Caching, in a place called Castle Rock. We found 2 of 4 =-D

I got home, and found not 1, not 2..but 3! packages!

The first one (that I got before I went hiking) totally ruined my day. I traded my nicely painted Tau Hammerhead, for a "white primered Vindicator, with only a couple of Chaos Bitz." What the trader (13 years old) claimed that he didn't have a camera. Thats understandable, I got my first camera when I was 14. What he neglected to tell me was that it is in the worst condition I have ever seen. I'm placid about this, because its being dealt with, and I'm shipping it back, without having to send my Hammerhead. Phew.

I have never seen ANYTHING like this! I'll still be sending out my Hammerhead, but I'll be complaining a LOT. This is ridiculous. Theres gaps everywhere, horrible gluing everywhere. THE FLOOR is placed OUTSIDE the tracks..There aren't any tracks!
I was planning on selling my Hammerhead for $50ish (see what I could get off ebay) and I traded it for...this hunk of CRAP!


I went hiking. I had loads of fun, went to lunch with my friends, went to one of their houses, and played Pokémon Snap, and Star Fox X-D... totally forgot about the Vindicator. I came back, found another package, with some awesome snap fit Terminators! Beautiful!

Helped my dad with some Boy Scout Merit Badge stuff, (little kids =-D ) the parents came, and another box...!!!
5 beautifully primed Terminators! (though, the primer is sorta like the primer that I used, that kinda gave the Terminators a sandy feeling, but its okay) I'm so happy!

Alright...away from packages. I've assembled some test troops for a Battle Company I'll be assembling..when I get the stuff..

Not much... but I haven't done anything else. Too much hiking and chilling X-D

Horatio: 6 layers indeed...with my old way, it used to be more, and it didn't look half as good X-D I used to have much more on my shelf..I sold some of it already =-D

Squirrel: Thank you.

And to you both...thats only part of the leg! X-D only 14 more (and however else many I buy after these)

Capitano: Thanks mate. I probably won't be posting updates on Rogue much anymore.

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