Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Verbal update.

I just secured 20ish metal Terminators, and 5 more of the plastic snap fit ones! That brings me to 50.

Horatio: The last time I tried to make a sword (first out of plasticard then green stuff) for the Deathwing didn't come out at all...but thanks for believing in me =-D
Do you think I should keep the Flamestorm like I have it? I kinda like it, but I don't really know..

Unforgivenangels: Emperor's Champion sword sounds completely doable...I just need to get one =-P Thanks for that tip!


  1. Remember there's quite a difference between the metal terminators and the Newer plastics! There's a size comparison on my site, The Vanus Temple.

  2. Its not that important. $50 models are $50 models =-D I already have 10 newer ones and 10 older ones. Thanks for the heads up though.

  3. Keep the Flamestorm like you have it dude. I like it too. And it looks visually logical.

    I don't think you should compare the sword-making experience from the DW banner with the current one. The DW banner had the skeleton hugging the sword, which is infinitely tougher to sculpt than purely making a sword without any hinderances. Which is why I believe you can do it.