Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quicky Updates

So I'm home for a grand total of 20 hours. Sweet.

I got home, found 5 more plastic Terminators, and the Dreadnought!
The Dreadnought wasn't exactly in the condition that I was this case, the pictures made it look better than it actually was..backwards right? X-D But I fixed it. There was also the yellow part of Green Stuff on it in places, because thats what he used to hold it together, which is a shame, because it makes it harder for me to glue together...something else I have to work around. X-P I had to assemble the little bitz and bobz, because he pulled them off for a clean shipping, which is great!

I also pulled my 5 good Terminators out of the Simple Green, and I'm pleased with the way it took off the crappy white primer.

I'm also going to be re-living my Royal Redeemers army. My friend Pierce and I had came up with the generalities, but I'm keeping the color scheme, and just changing the symbol and the fluff. I'll be building the 1st Company of it, and that'll be 20 Terminators, and 70 Sternguard Veterans, and 10 Vanguard Veterans. Fluff wise, the chapter will prefer ranged, Bolter combat, to anything else.

Pictured are the 10 Terminators, 5 Captains (4 primered dudes, and the painted guy in the front), The Chapter Master (dude with the big banner), a Librarian (the guy that is floating, not falling over), a Chaplain, and 5 Sternguard. I don't know why I didn't bother including the 5 Vanguard, but they're not painted or anything anyways.

I figured, shopping wise, in order to assemble 70 Sternguard, I'd use as many metal veterans I could, then I'd get Tactical Squads, and use my magic to make them awesome =-D I haven't figured out any fluff or stuff yet, but I've come up with some. They'll be of the 5th Founding from the Ultramarines, the Veterans will have white helmets, except Terminators, and will be a Codex Chapter.
And a special dude...

Alright..I guess thats all the post-stuff I can dig up for
Chris out!

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  1. Dude, I can't wait to see that dread painted up. It's gonna look awesome fearsome. Good to see you starting on the Royal Redeemers. Interesting colour scheme.