Friday, June 5, 2009

SAT2 suck!

Squirrel_Fish: Thank you =-D
The process is spray black/white. My white sucks, so I use black.

Then I use a coat of Dheneb Stone (GW Foundation paint).
Let that completely dry

Then I give it a wash of (GW) Red ink, Brown ink, Yellow ink, Flesh Wash, and the new Brown ink (don't know the name). It was just something I poured all my warm-toned inks into, and added the Brown ink to get more volume.

I have SAT2s tomorrow (subject tests) so I'll finish this then, (Also because I don't have pictures)

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  1. Dude, I think it's amazing that you painted that beatiful shads of bone from a black undercoat. Awesome tutorial. And that's one of the meanest-looking buncha Ork Nobz I ever saw; fantastic conversion replication of the Warboss. Those non-WH40K models do look very usable as stand-ins. And if you're getting those Chronoscope models for a kill-team, make sure you get Candy the anime heroine. :D You just gotta. Good luck with your SATs yo.