Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Brood in the Making

I had another brain thing again. So I made another Warrior. I had to take Senior pictures today, pretty early (considering I went to bed at 4AM this morning). So then my mom and I went to get me a new watch, and then went to lunch...then I came home and crashed for a couple of hours.

I only managed to make one Nid....all day...Pretty slow. =-P Following the leaping theme, with scything talons and rending claws. Which..unfortunately means I still need to locate a talon for the first Nid...I think I want to make this brood be 5 strong, at least...which means I still need 3 more ideas X-D But its okay, because I just cut up one of the New On Sprue Warriors to make number I have two extras =-D (I can't sell a brood of 2...)
Both Warriors are in need of Green Stuff for their leg joints.

The duo.

The new one.
I feel that the pose of this one feels like it would be for a Lictor...but I guess its still pretty cool =-D

The other one.

Squirrel_Fish: Fearless you say? I'll think about it. I might just remove it, since there hasn't been any conclusion yet.
Vanilla Rice is excellent. ;-D Go Asians!

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