Thursday, July 30, 2009


So I redid the head on the Brood Lord again, this time, not so much chopping. I just altered the tong a bit. It needs a bit of Green Stuff work, and is kinda thick, but its not bad.
I left it in the Simple Green for too long, so it tarnished =-(

I finally had the urge to paint today. But I didn't want to paint Deathwing, so I figured I'd do some of the black-blue guys. (They're no longer Royal Redeemers, so I don't have an official name for them yet) So I didn't have anything to really work on! I didn't feel like doing the Sternguard. So I assembled the 5 AoBR Terminators I got in the mail while I was gone. I still wanted to paint. I decided that all the current-edition Terminators (besides the Golden Brownie marines) will be Black-blue, and the older editions will be Deathwing. I don't know why, but it works =-D So I went to spray them and several other things.
zing! 10 Terminators, 4 Chapter Masters, 1 Captain, 1 *scratch* Techmarine, and the Tanky the Terminator. I also have the 5 Vanguard to start at the same time, and to finish the Sternguard.
By the time the usual hour was up for the spray... I didn't feel like painting at now I get to wait until I get that urge again before anything gets done! Who knows when that'll be!!!

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  1. Hey dude! Sorry for the late reply (you can read my latest post for the reason). Loving the tongue on that Brood Lord; it looks right awesome & very Tyranidy. Reminds me of Gene Simmons somehow. :D

    As for the brood size, I think you got the math right. You can make the next five Nids all eating live Guardsmen in different ways. :)

    Ooo...can we have a close-up for Tanky Termy; he looks mighty interesting.

    And there you go making another interesting project like that Horror; how do you manage so many different challenging projects simultaneously dude?!

    That was some hike yo.