Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I finally decided to glue the top plate onto my LRE!! yaayyy...The way I had to do it though, that was a pain. I loaded as much plastic glue onto the lattice work super structure that I could. Then I put the plate on, and put lots of pressure on it. The sides were still able to be pulled up, so I lined it up as best I could and glued it in small segments. I think it worked up pretty well. Its attached very well, and VERY sturdy!
Problem number two...LOTS of gaps around the entire thing. Oh boy! Green stuffing for me! So I rolled a large glob of green stuff, and worked in small sections around the chassis. I pre-smoothed it by taking my knife-like tool, and dragging it across the clumped green stuff, a new technique I discovered just now, which is FANTASTIC! I'll sand it all down after it all dries.

Then I get to do MORE detailing tonight! Its pretty early, 11, so expect another update. Or an edit or something.

Heres the update.
I added the track cover on the outer tracks, and I think it came out quite nicely. I didn't want to do the arches like the Maximus has, because thats not very Dark Angely at all. So I went with some sort of sword design, which I thought was quite genius. The hilt will be detail.
Unfortunately, the wings wouldn't fit on the track guard, so I just had to do one wing, which is okay I guess.

None of the icons have been glued on yet.

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  1. Ok I know you dont want to but if you dont post your updates onto Rogue...

    I will

    then claim them as my own...haha