Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Post!

So the LRE is almost done.
I had to make the Flamestorm cannon front out of plasticard, because the detail to not detail was bad. (on the tubing)

I was skimming through my mind (yeah, I do that sometimes X-D) And I thought I'd make a Tyranid. I didn't want to cut anything off the sprue, because I'm planning on selling all of that, so I dived into my bitz boxes... Thankfully..I found a full Tyranid Warrior body! (and half of another) in sprue! So excited. So I got out the putty, and started seeing what I could do. I just stuck stuff places, and definitely liked what I was doing...so I cleaned up most of the flash, and started gluing! I'm almost completely happy with this conversion. He's missing a left scything talon, because fatefully...I don't have one (weird..I know) and I don't want to cut one out of the sprue, because that would take away from its sellability...
The conversion is supposed to represent leaping I think...I dunno..it just looks really neat X-D leaping over the current target, to get to the thing on the other side!

What do you think?


  1. Yo, looks like you got out of your deep blue funk real quick buddy. :)

    First: "Plastic Shavings" for the win. Smart.

    Second: Snazzy DA iconography layout on the LRE. LRE's looking mighty fierce yo.

    Third: I definitely like the Chris-o-fied Flamestorm Cannons but why is one barrel longer than the other?

    Fourth: The tusked carnifex head has to be my favourite for the OVERKILL. :D

    Fifth: Holy Leaping Nids! That quick-bashed Nid warrior is very very dynamic ala Matrix freeze-frame style. Looks like it just swooped in on a sneak attack or it's borrowing a marine head to get the jump on another. I smell diorama.

    Sixth: Yes, I'm long-winded yo. Rabid progress dude. Keep it up.

  2. That's a huuuugggeee tank.....Just for sake of scale, can we get a picture of it next to a regular Land Raider or Rhino? Maybe even a Baneblade if you have one lying around. :P

    As Horatio asked, why is one Flamestorm cannon longer than the other and where is this thing going to be mounted?

    The other is just a small criticism but I feel that the roof of the LRE is a tad...flat. I assume more armor plating and detailing are going on there?

    The nids look fantastic, but I don't know about that leaping one. Looks like he's bouncing off of his opponent's head in a Super Mario fashion.

  3. Massive tank! Anything that huge has to be good in Apoc, what are you running for a datasheet?